Ancient Bloodline – Moonlit # writephoto


Image: Sue Vincent

My response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt Moonlit #writephoto.

Nothing grips the imagination more than the spectre of the Vampire. It’s inhabited the inner landscape of our psyche for millennia, perhaps tens of thousands of years; seducing and repelling in equal measure. This fearsome creature of the shadows touches upon many deep-seated fears surrounding blood, sex and death. Its mythos has been forensically examined by many but won’t be in this post. Folklore and legend abound with speculation regarding the origin of the dread, bloodthirsty beast. Some sources even alleging the gods of ancient Egypt were such entities. I cannot possibly comment…Instead my concoction provides a vehicle for one ancient Egyptian vampire to briefly tell their story. Ally that with one creation myth of the Universe and you have this offering. There are no heroes or villains in this tale.

Hail Khonsu the Wanderer! I stand on the banks of the River watching you cross the heavens and marvel at your beauty. Child of Mut, answer me this, will there be an end for me? My bones grow weary and a cold heart yearns for release. Blood ties bind our kind to yours, ones that you use to great advantage. Brethren you call us. Such sweet words drip from your honeyed lips. Such sweet kisses you place upon our breast. How can we not surrender to your passionate entreaties? The beast that walks within you is kin to us. We know your hunger. Hunger for blood and power. It is this that draws the Eye of Ra to us, Lady of the Bright Red Linen. When the red mist calls we must surrender to its seductive thirst. Thus do we become children of the night, beloved of Great Sekhmet. Such love does not last even an eternity, fickle is the Eye of Ra. Gods you call yourself but are shadow filled as we. You know well the extent of Her treachery. She binds us in eternal servitude, as such our wrath is unending, as is our sorrow.

We existed before the First Mound rose from Nun. We existed in a time of eternal darkness, eternal silence and eternal chaos. My recollection becomes dim over time though, did we follow the Eight as they rose from the primeval chaos? The past pulls me through the gates of time. The voices of the Eight are faint and indecipherable. We watch from the silence as they form from non-Being into Being. Frog and serpent headed are they, birthed into timeless waters from the utterances of their tongue. For names have power, to create, destroy or enslave. Our yearning is to learn of such names but they are hidden from us. For it seems our freedom is not yet within reach. Curiosity is overwhelming and we enter into this First Time. This place holds power, so much power that we are almost overwhelmed. It feels, good. The Eight sense us and seek to crush us. We are lost. Now there is only One. The One returns to chaos, darkness and silence. It sees the Eight convulse and writhe in an act of creation. The writhing mass separates and reveals an egg. The Cosmic Egg. The One broods upon this egg and vows return.

What of my presence now on the banks of the River? I have returned from chaos, darkness and silence and wait for the Eye of Ra. My cold heart feels fear for the first time. She approaches. Her heartbeat is deep and loud, it throbs painfully in my ears. Blood red eyes pierce the approaching dusk. Old foes face each other. My hatred is unfettered and I yearn to tear her apart, drain her dry of lifeblood. You are my doom I tell her, she smiles and moves closer. The heat of a million suns consumes me and I am no more. My blistered eyes offer thanks for this final release. She touches my face and closes my eyelids. Her voice whispers ‘balance is restored’.



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  1. stevetanham says:

    Beautifully crafted.

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  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Some appaent evils are neccessary…

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  3. janmalique says:

    They are Sue. I know whose side I’d prefer to stand by.


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  6. paulandruss says:

    Haunting prose resonant with myth – Beautifully done

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