Moon Priestess: Chronicles of A Goddess

Dispatches from the Hinterland

forest-483207_1920.jpg Image: Pixabay

My journeys through the desert region of this strange country have been bizarre and often disquieting. Djinns, vampires, ancient Khemetic gods  and alchemists emerged from the wastes to divert me from my destination. Whatever that may be. I’m an explorer and collector of stories, occasional shaman and dimension traveller. These days you have to be multi-skilled, makes you more employable apparently. Still not sure whether the alchemist was my old teacher.  Many unfriendly entities occupy this region and have trapped the unwise and unwary over thousands of years. They use our fears and desires against us. Lucky for me Anpu turned up when he did. I have to be mindful of my thoughts, they seem to take on a life of their own as soon as I’ve created them. A family skill and one that’s made us valuable to many unsavoury and power-hungry characters. Ah well. This forest…

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