Callum Stanford’s childhood exploits.


post21-copyThe farmer’s land and forest beyond was where Scotty and I spent our time during the school holidays. Influenced by Warlord and Commando comics, as well as The Professionals, we called it HQ and spent many a happy day in the wilderness. We trained, as best we knew how, in military manoeuvres. During downtime, we settled back and watched the blue sky and floating clouds. With the trickle of the stream nearby, we stretched in the summer sunshine, chewed grass and chatted the time away without a care in the world.
We explored much of that area in our time. Living on our wits and luck, we had some close shaves with our enemy, the gamekeeper. He patrolled the large estate for an aristocratic family with an impressively triple-barrelled name. On one occasion, the gamekeeper tracked us with dogs. Barks echoed over a rise as we broke cover to run…

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