Enki’s Gate #writephoto


Photo: Sue Vincent

Sue’s photo prompt this week, Gate #writephoto, had me in a quandry. What could I write in response? Here was a gate, perhaps leading to a whole different universe. Might I deign to keep my feet firmly in this world rather than scurry off exploring strange vistas? Decisions, decisions. This was difficult; the waters of creation were drying up. Aha! A ‘light-bulb’ moment suddenly occurs. Water, creation, depths, subconscious. Dear reader, it appears the gods have thrown me a tablet with instructions for weaving this tale. On closer inspection it looks like the Sumerian equivalent of a text, don’t like text speak. I can’t read ancient languages but due to the generous assistance of a certain Sumerian deity, Enki no less, I can reveal its contents:

Mting the reliees, wnt to cme? Oh, brng a dvng suit. LOL.

Meeting the relatives? An honour and quite a terrifying prospect. The terrifying part relates to the primordial parents Abzu and Tiamat, god of the sweet waters and goddess of the salt waters respectively. They’re joined by Mummu, god of the mist who arises from both entities. Thus is the primeval triad completed. Enki is the Sumerian god of wisdom and water, one of four creation gods. He is known as Ea to the Akkadians. Magic, spell casting, knowledge of the arts and civilizations are amongst his other talents. His sacred centre was based in Eridu, considered first of cities in existence before the great flood. E-abzu (House of the Abzu) was his temple, also known as E-engur-ra (House of the subterranean water). Such a weighty history behind them all!. To dip into the primordial waters would be an unforgettable and transformative experience. Also a little dangerous I have to add. Is it worth the risk? I scry the waters of my own inner being for advice and portents. Follow closely dear reader lest you become lost in the watery abyss…

The Gate opens. I stand silent before the portal. Darkness is obscuring my vision, there appears to be a nothingness on the other side of the Gate. Much like the Fool of the tarot I step forward to leap into the unknown. No sense in hesitating on this occasion. The darkness clears to reveal water, everywhere. This is no ordinary body of water. It utters words so ancient that a language hasn’t been invented yet to decipher the meaning. Understanding of its being comes through signs and not-yet-speech. Humans later spoke of this realm as one of the Great Nothingness. Much like the realm of the First Mound to the ancient Khemetic culture. Memory is shared by all and lost by none. Signs and portents are passed from generation to generation, stretching into eternity. We can neither glimpse its beginning nor its end. Much like my experience in this ocean. Infinity above and infinity below. I can sense another presence, She moves as if in a dream. Appearing insubstantial but very much present and alive. The great She-Dragon glides and scrutinises. This is her world, where being and non-being co-exist. Where dreams gestate and histories are woven. I glimpse others in these waters. Geometric shapes of sublime beauty. Anunnaki, angels, otherworld beings. Call them what you will. They watch, they witness, they create.

Nearer and nearer does the She-Dragon move. She encircles, gazes and encircles further. Does she instil fear? Yes and No. I’m only human and cannot help being overawed. Abzu whispers and Tiamat responds. I float in this matrix of life, reshaped and reshaped further. Enki smiles and I respond, brng a dvng suit. LOL? His hands cradle and lift, higher and higher we ascend. Abzu below, Mummu above. Emptiness in all directions. It feels so old, so old. Mummu shrouds all sight and then reveals, endless waters and horizons. One of the Three are they, one part of the puzzle are they. Concealing and revealing in equal parts. Arising from the Two to become something else. From the stars they came, bringing the gift of life and knowledge. Such things we were not privy to, beings not yet even existing. Beings not even ready. I ask Enki, ready for what? He looks and shakes his head, not yet, not yet but soon. How cryptic! I feel a pull into a time before the primordial triad. So silent, so dark. No fear but dreaming and sleeping deep within the womb. Fire and Light illuminate the virgin darkness. Sound shatters silence. The One is split asunder and becomes the Three. I am without speech, words cannot make sense of such a sight. The Three wait and watch. I return to the sweet waters and finally glimpse the She-Dragon. Abzu whispers and Tiamat responds. She gazes and encircles. Scaled behemoth, mother of all. I float in this ancient ocean, reshaped and reshaped further. Witness to the Nothingness, witness to Non-Being shaped into Being. My breath issues forth in a sigh and He says, not yet, not yet but soon. How cryptic.

Time to return and he escorts me to the Gate, Enki’s Gate. I gaze at him and smile, he responds. Enough for now. I step through the portal and into a thunderstorm. It cleanses and releases all attachment to the Primordial Beings. For they and I are not meant to exist in the same space, same time. So beware of bringing back things which are not meant to be in the here and now dear reader. Close the Gate, firmly.


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  2. stevetanham says:

    Loved that, Jan.

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  3. Michael says:

    This is a fascinating response and I am glad you did shut the gate firmly….so well done.

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    Thank you Steve. Another odd ramble for me.😊


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