Road to Somewhere: The Fool’s Journey


Photo: Jan Malique

I’m once again in the process of reassessing the past. Recent events have prompted me to scrutinise a piece I wrote some time ago. It was a meditation I performed before travelling to a workshop in April of this year. The theme of the weekend was one aspect of the Arthurian cycle facilitated by the Silent Eye Mystery School. The Green Man was an important aspect of the sacred dramas to be enacted. This meditation was focussed on the Hero’s journey of individuation, seen from a Jungian perspective. I was completing a short course on Jungian symbols. What resulted didn’t surprise me as I felt “something” was waiting for me to enter into its world. A sign surely of mysteries to be unveiled?

My journey began automatically even before I started the meditation proper. I found myself standing outside a tavern and looking up at its sign. What was waiting for me on the other side? After a slight hesitation I opened the door and went over the threshold. The inside of the inn was an ancient forest, with a huge tree at its centre. I walked round the deciduous forest, which was dark and lush. Had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Careful examination of the forest floor was made, nothing found there. Looking ahead I could see a pool.  Peering over I could see a face in the water, that of the Green Man. Now, whether this was my reflection or the Green Man peering up from the pool I cannot tell. Then a pair of hands bathed in light appeared behind me and scooped up a cup of water from the pool and poured it on the ground. It felt like an important gesture, a healing of the forest.

Soon I was back in the inn, sitting in the room. My staff had sprouted oak leaves on the top. Strength, protection and courage. Qualities the tree gave me freely at this moment. A much needed blessing. The next day I made my way to a brightly lit corner of the common room and just observed the other people. The noise of a procession could be heard from outside, so I made my way out of the inn and into the square to see what it was about. The knights made their way past the crowd, one in particular stared down at me. He was a Fire Dragon knight clothed in deep red armour and a dragon head helmet. Seemed familiar to me but not sure from where.

We all made our way towards the stage and watched the knights recount their tales. My Dragon knight came up to me. He gave no name. We looked at each other. It was difficult to pin his age down, youthful in appearance but of great antiquity. He exuded a deep calm and wisdom. His gaze was penetrating but not unkind. I had something valuable to give to my knight, it was an acorn. My long journey had a purpose and it was to deliver this to the knight. He accepted my gift and commented that I had come to renew my spiritual vows. I agreed with him. This was a journey to return to a state of grace and renewal. Throughout the last few years I had lost sight of the greater purpose in life and felt like I had wandered/struggled in a desert, experiencing many dark nights of the soul. It was time to emerge from the underworld.

We were soon joined by three other knights. One female and two male. The Fire Dragon Knight introduced me the Earth Dragon Knight (female), Air Dragon Knight (male) and Water Dragon Knight (male). The four elemental dragons united in one place.

I was back in my room at the inn. Felt a great need to pray, not to any god, but for the life of the forest and perhaps our fate in the world. My staff sprouted oak leaves again as I knelt. I saw the spirit of an animal move through the forest. It was looking for something but I wasn’t sure what. There it ended.

I remained deep in thought after the meditation had ended. This event was deeply significant but to what extent I was unaware. Signs and omens aren’t always clear. The inner world and Collective Consciousness use symbolic language in order to impart their messages. This was one such occasion. No time to waste thinking about the possibilities, I had a train to catch.



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