Folly’s Dream -broken – #writephoto


Photo: Sue Vincent

My offering this week for Sue Vincent’sThursday photo prompt #writephoto .

A tale not as sad as it may appear of love’s trials and tribulations. ..

Not everything must endure for eternity. This much has been learned. For I am more than stone and mortar but Folly created giving rise to yet more folly. Illicit assignations and breathy declarations of love untrue, these I have seen. Fevered kisses and tears of shame, these I have seen. Consummated longings and crimes of passion, these I have seen. Their shades return again and again to my broken shell seeking answers, seeking redemption. These I cannot offer, for they must seek to lift the veil themselves. The weight I carry is heavier still. Forgiveness is sought for my part in their downfall, but will they give it? Such tortured histories do we create for ourselves, always seeking that which is unattainable. Such dreams we spin like the weaver of fate, helpless flies caught in Her web. Night falls and Sun rises but memories still seek to imprison me in their embrace. The dying embers of my heart entreat the Luminous One for one last time. Alas only silence deigns to answer. Yet, nature stirs. Something comes this way. Her face is as I had dreamed of, shining and beauteous. Such honour She has bestowed upon me, an escort into the Hollow Hills.

Says She, “ forgiveness is not what you need but healing?”

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  1. Something Fae… comes this way… I like…

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  2. Morgan says:

    Marvelous!! I love that the building itself is speaking, telling its tale 😉

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