The Shed’s Getting Full


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I like sheds, in fact my blog was named in honour of this venerable and much loved building. One could say it’s a metaphor for the womb; in which are gestated the creations of my soul. Or not. On reflection it’s more like a clubhouse, one which welcomes all true
eccentrics. I am hankering after a real shed of my own and may achieve that dream. A woman shed? Doesn’t quite sound right. Working on it. Why am I expounding at length about a shed? It’s a dark tale of overcrowding, irritability and creative loss. Well, sounds better than a blogger having a bad time with digital technology and unruly visitors. I’m  thinking of getting a bouncer for the shed. Only way of keeping the rabble out. Sometimes the fevered creations of one’s imagination manage to escape the watchtowers. The angels in the towers are as vigilant as they can be but ‘stuff’ happens.

I’m currently trying to keep a Machiavellian Hare out and welcome in a Wild Cat. She’s not impressed with the Hare’s tactics. His brand of wildwood magic is rather upsetting their original plan. The archangel Mikael won’t spill the beans and Raphael is away until the weekend. To further upset my fragile little mind His Nibs is planning to bring family from the Old Country for a visit this weekend.


Photo: Pixabay

Additionally, an alter ego from one of my other blogs wants to drop in as she’s heard Anubis (aka His Nibs) is coming. She’s been searching for him for a long time and I mean a long time. Being a collector of stories she is rather keen to chat with the other visitors. My head’s spinning, so much to organise. Who’s going to do the catering?


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