Just Testing


Just testing I said to him. A visitation to a warrior angel was necessary due to strange disappearances into the ether. Didn’t manage to contact Raphael but he did leave a message on his answerphone to contact Mikael in the event of his unavailability. I have been pushed to the limit by the nefarious influence of a certain Mr Rabbit. May his name never be uttered in my presence. It seems I’m ignoring the signs and not living the way of the Way. Or thereabouts. The Dao is ungraspable and unseen. Only present in breath and heart when Heaven and Earth meet. Wow, that was almost incomprehensible. Not quite there though. Mikael just gazes at me in silence. As if he can’t believe his ears. I tend to leave people, er, archangels speechless now and again.

Recent posts on my blog have been vanishing into thin air. Was this a sign I asked the divine warrior that negative influences were at work. He thought about this, then got up and consulted an old manuscript. Seemed to be staring at one section for a while. This worried me. Mikael turned round and muttered “have you checked your internet connection?”.

I looked at him and nodded my head. Meant to say I had but didn’t want to appear silly in front of the archangel. He advised me to send through a test piece, if nothing happened wait for Raphael’s return. Felt like sobbing but what else could I do. He handed me a tissue whilst the whole sorry story rumbled out. Mikael agreed that the Hare had plans for me. Those he couldn’t divulge as this would alter time and history. Sleep on it he said and come back this weekend. I nodded and dragged my feet across the floor, feeling pathetic. Sigh.


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  1. Running Elk says:

    Oh, that Raph! Never around when you need him… 😉

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