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Shamanic Paths

"Magnetic Waves" Copyright Matt Baldwin-IvesMagnetic Waves
Copyright Matt Baldwin-Ives

It’s been an interesting few weeks. There has been a very definite change in energy; a lighter, livelier, more fluid energy. An open, joyous, wrap around your heart, make you want to dance energy.

There are, of course, side effects to such life affirming influences. The last time that we moved through a similar wave, long before being taken under the wing of a shaman, I found myself unexpectedly involved in a ritual of divine affirmation, instigated by the little voice, so beautifully described by Sue Vincent.

Initial details were revealed in early December 2006. Whilst in meditation, I was presented with the instruction to memorise an affirmation in “the language of the angels”.

This was no small task. Although more than familiar with the pronunciation through years of listening to, and internally translating, the little voice, I was uncertain how…

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