Ars Geometrica…

Yet more mysterious pathways presented by Stuart France…

Stuart France


‘…In the Golden Book of the Golden Game
a Golden Angel wrote my name…’

– Robin Williamson

We wish to speak now of a curious incident in which we were involved and which is not wholly unlike some of the legends so often related in the Alchemical Journals…

In those days we were still in a Magical School and also active in a Magical Lodge, albeit a teaching one.

We were just preparing our report…

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‘Herewith the Divination:
Q: What symbol from the Old Year can we take forward into the New…?
Centre: The Hanged Man
Ascendant: The Empress – Sowing
Upper Mid-Heaven: The Lovers – Germination
Descendant: Death – Reaping
Lower Mid-Heaven: Wheel of Fortune – Winnowing
A: The Seed
Not quite as we formulated it at the meeting but I think this is what we were groping towards.
I came across a couple of quotations recently which…

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