Strange Tale of the Disappearing Post- Part 2


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My client phoned demanding to know why I’d left a message asking her to meet me tonight. She was already in Scotland. Damn! The Hare’s influence was spreading. Time was being affected in strange ways. My blogger accidently deletes her post in the middle of trying to edit it. The so called White Rabbit leaves a rabbit foot as a message. Shades of The Godfather…My senses were off kilter and I didn’t like it one bit. It may also be due to the fact that I was covered in midge bites. Both arms, my head and neck had been ravaged by the little devils.

“I know a good cure for that, don’t go out when the wind drops”.

That voice. He was here. My personal alarm was in the rucksac and I had no way of getting to it in time. Mr Rabbit made his way out of the shadows. There was a wild look in his eyes. I backed away. He then burst into laughter.

“That’s what you expected my little literary PI”, he rasped.

I can see what my client meant about him being annoying. The Trickster is what he likes to call himself.

“Perhaps, perhaps not. Some first nation people considered me a Demiurge. I’m many things, even annoying. The Moon is my home, as are your dreams. This time I’ve come because you called.”

I stared at him in shock. “I called you?”

He explained that my client was only one aspect of me. We were a whole made up of many facets of the Light and Dark. He was a messenger from the world of the Sidhe. Being able to shape shift from one world to the next. Carrier of knowledge, symbol of fertility and magic.

“My friend, I bring you knowledge of a world many have forgotten. Ancient rites, ancestral ties. Memories I carry within the moonbeams. Fleet of foot, able to foreshadow events. You were born under our symbol.”

So, a lot of information to integrate. The masks we wear in order to function in the maelstrom of life end up being eventually redundant. I need to look at myself with fresh eyes. My perception of reality needs reassessing. It needed Rabbit to bring this to my attention.

My musings were interrupted by the thud of something at my feet. A carrot.



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  1. Well, it’s definitely going… Brer, brer, brer…

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  2. janmalique says:

    There’s more mayhem to come. I’m planning to lie in a dark room with a wet towel on my forehead.


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