The Road to Somewhere


Photo: Jan Malique

All roads lead somewhere. I’ve travelled many of them and created many more. You’ve met me but have refused to acknowledge me. With eyes blinded by illusions and disbelief you’ve gazed beyond me. You listen to the doubters and faithless, ever fearful of stepping beyond the known into the unknown. The road to nowhere, which is only the road to somewhere. Is this what keeps you rooted to the delusion of a life without hope? They call me mercurial, changeable. One to be wary of. Who will lead you through dark mountain passes but me? Who will guide you through the impenetrable forests of your mind but me? When your time is near you will have to face another, she who faces past present and future. Who fill you fear the more? Who will you choose to guide you through the halls of the Underworld? The choice is always yours, regardless of my words. It seems it is always preferable for someone else to take control rather than yourself. Is there truth in this?


Photo: Pixabay

The road to somewhere takes you through places only dreamt of. Relinquish disbelief and illusions, for they will only lead to further sorrow. Why gaze at the dust on your feet when you can gaze upon eagles? Wash the dust off your feet and fly. I speak to you Soul and only you. My wings shall embrace you, hold you safe. When the light fades from your eyes there shall I be. Waiting. Come, let us travel together on the road to somewhere.