Strange Tale of the Disappearing Post


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Yet another strange case of the disappearing post lands on my desk. My alter ego, a frustrated blogger tried to edit “Life in Draft” several times. Always the same phrase, which refused to succumb to the edit option. On the last try it just disappeared into the ether. She believes the White Rabbit may be behind the sabotage. Apparently he’s been getting rather cranky of late. I’ve been digging into his background and come up with some interesting information. ‘White Rabbit’ is a pseudonym, his real name is Hare. A strange breed, blessed with an unpredictable wildness. Comes from an ancient bloodline steeped in magic, folklore and secret knowledge. I’m inclined to agree with my client. He’s my number one suspect.


Photo: Pixabay

We have no way of tracing Mr Rabbit. He has a way of coming and going without drawing attention to himself. A feral ninja if you please. I’ve also been informed by reliable sources that he’s got two accomplices. The Three Hares are infamous the world over. This is bigger than I initially thought. I want to help Jan get back her mojo but we’re faced with some tough opposition. I’ve asked her to meet me later, we’re going up to Scotland tonight. My informant tells me he’s been spotted in the Highlands. Something big is going down. We don’t know how this will end.


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  1. I did wonder whether or not it was a Hare… White Hare… could well be the start of, something…

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