Seeking Silence

Finally back home from much-needed rest in the Highlands of Scotland. We stayed in a gem of a bothy just feet away from the sea. The combination of endless water and skies instilled a deep sense of peace. It was a time of simplicity and thankfulness. Freed from the constraints of everyday concerns the mind was able to focus on the mysteries contained within silence. Quite healing it has to be said but ‘home is where the heart is.’ Dorothy was quite right when she said “there’s no place like home.” I am of course referring to Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Life of late has been much like ‘not being in Kansas’ anymore. You can see my dilemma. The magical and mundane have collided to produce a strange alchemical mixture, orchestrated by the elusive Hare is my belief. I was born under the Chinese astrological sign of the Rabbit (also known as Hare or Cat). Like the Hare, Rabbit has lunar connections and a link to lunar deities including Aphrodite, Thoth, Eostre, Freya, Hecate, Hermes and Anu. They were considered sacred by the Celts, being an animal of the Goddess. White Hares also indicated the presence of the Otherworld. First Nation peoples considered Hare to be a guardian, creator and Trickster par excellence. Hare is the Great Manitou. Brer Rabbit in African and American folk myth. I could engage in a lengthy discourse on its symbolism but will spare you the agony. Hare is adept at evading its predators, being a symbol of fertility and good fortune.

Hare is also a messenger bringing to the forefront issues you’ve been avoiding. They are also urging the need to be less dogmatic, be open to new forms of creativity and expression. It appears that White Hare has solid reasons for stalking me over the past few months. My attitude has been mired in stagnant waters, unable to break free of its fetters. The rather strange offerings appearing on my blog this week were clear indications that trickery was afoot. To add to my sense of precariousness another otherworldly being appeared to reinforce the Hare’s oracular presence. Wild Cat emerged from the depths of the wildwood. She and I had met earlier in the year in a workshop facilitated by the Silent Eye Mystery School. It was an environment steeped in the mysteries of the Goddess and Arthurian mysteries. The Green Man made his presence known in ways we couldn’t predict. The magical currents ran deep and strong. They wound themselves round us like the mystical ivy on the forest floor. The She Cat sheathed her claws and surveyed me with a keen gaze from top to toe, from the outer to the inner. What of the message she brought from other realms?

With sensuous abandon stretched from tail to silken paw
While sheathed until required stay the guardian’s wicked claw.
From sunlight watching through the veil she sees the moving shade;
With otherworldly vision are her subtle judgments made.
Love does not bind nor fetter, yet in love she takes her rest,
Not holding to nor imprisoned by, she sees love at its best.


Photo: Pixabay

Wild Cat perceives the realm of the spirit and Otherworld. She teaches the arts of magic and developing the inner senses. The reading of omens and signs is her gift and one that should be accepted with grace.

It sounds a fantastic tale but the path of the Seeker is littered with the disbelief and derision of others. The ‘others’ often being ourselves. So where does this leave me now? Since my return from a place of stillness and peace I feel lighter. Yet, a little voice within me whispers, ‘don’t get used to it, there’s more to come.’


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  1. stevetanham says:

    I love these… And the concept of ‘other’ is so central to everything we perceive.

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    • janmalique says:

      Thank you Steve. These musings can be a little hit and miss sometimes. When my intuition is alerting me to something important I have to write it down.

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