Where the Light Shimmers


Photo: Jan Malique

Where the light shimmers is where I will find you.
Where earth meets sky is where you will be.
Where Light rejoices is where you will find me.

The priestess uttered her prayer, hands raised in supplication. She stood at a place of transition. The meeting point of the conscious and subconscious. The meeting point of the past and present. For she was the Cathar Parfaite. For she was Odinn’s Sybil. For she was one who would join the two to become the three. Always three. The number of the Cosmos. The unity of body, mind and soul. Being past, present and future.

Who am I to become?, she asked.

Who do you believe yourself to be?, they responded.

She hid her smile. Riddles, always riddles.

I am one who emerges from the Void, she retorted.

Then the silence prevailed. She had her answer. With eyes closed she joined with the two to become the three. Then they united to become one.


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  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    The way you end this “Then the silence prevailed. She had her answer” is simply beautiful. Matches the photo so well…

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