The Seafarers’ Bones


Photo: Jan Malique

They repose in quiet dignity, bones bleached by the elements. Remnants of a bygone age. Holding memories of warfare and salt hardened fisher folk. The waves cry mournfully, “why have you abandoned us?”. There is no answer. Voices have been dimmed, lights have been extinguished


Photo: Jan Malique

On moonlit nights pale figures haunt the shoreline; eyes laden with memories and hardship. Laughter and tears co-mingle with tales of days old, shanties edged with longing. The people have scattered, their shades joined with the mountains and sea. Returned once more to the deep breasted earth. The sea offers up strange gifts to the land now. Relics of warfare jostle with the detritus of these modern times. Memories of seafarers no more. The wind whispers its plea to all who will listen; ‘stay a while, stay a while and join us in remembrance’.


Photo: Jan Malique


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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Lovely photos, Jan.

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