Mad, bad and dangerous to know

Thought provoking and very funny post.

Shamanic Paths

missionaries-elders-mormon Nice lads. (Found at Matt Fradd)

Well. I’ve been trying to write the same post since April 2015, and it might (just) be about to be writ… or not… so a little preamble might be in order.

I was at work. The phone rang. It was the wife. She immediately went on a rambling explanation about two clean-cut young men standing on the doorstep. When would I be home to meet them?

Well, it made sense. They were offering something that I badly needed. The comparative religion / cult shelf was missing “The Book of Mormon”. Ironically, I’d seen them sitting in a car on the street the night before. Since they must have noticed me diving through a handily open window in order to avoid them, it couldn’t possibly be awkward when we would finally meet.

Nice pair of misguided lads, with an intensity and fervour which would…

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