Odin’s Mine

Sue Vincent’s ventures into places symbolic.

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X heather weekend 256“Do not look at the sign!” I immediately looked, of course. “I said ‘do not’…” and then I’m standing open mouthed… Odin is a central figure in Doomsday and seems to be a bigger part of the hidden history of Albion than we had originally thought, with his story synthesising at the time many elements of the old ways and the new dispensation of Christianity. So to stumble on Odin’s mine quite by accident was always going to draw a goldfish reaction… especially after the gift of cattle in the morning.

X heather weekend 250This was just one of many such ‘coincidences’ where the trail we follow seems intent on reinforcing ideas. Of course you could say we simply notice more, or respond to the resonance of knowledge as we become more aware of the stories and symbols… it really doesn’t matter about the how and why and you can try and explain…

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3 comments on “Odin’s Mine

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks for reblogging, Jan. This is only a few minutes away from the venue for the April workshops 🙂


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