The great Shepherds’ Pie Triumph

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I had shepherds’ pie for my breakfast…

It isn’t as bad as it seems…

After nearly a week of not eating a thing

A good meal was the stuff of my dreams.


A mouthful of toast had been madness…

A yoghurt as good as it got…

After turning my stomach with every delight

I would rather go hungry than not.


It is not like I didn’t give it my best shot

I had cooked and attempted to chew it,

And although I could probably lose the odd pound*

This was not the best way I could do it.


I’d stocked up the fridge, there was good stuff to eat

But here all I was doing was picking…

The fish ate their way through the nice crispy veg

While the dog ate her way through the chicken.


I had just about given up trying to eat,


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