Wolfsbane #NoirWednesday

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Photo: Steve Tanham

This is my response to Steve Tanham’s photo prompt #NoirWednesday on his blog Sun in Gemini. I’m quite excited as it’s my very first contribution to any writing/photo prompt. It was written whilst I was waiting to catch a train. The day was rain lashed, a fine spray that sunk into the very marrow. Rather fitting I thought. Without any further delay, this is my short tale of dark things in the night…

Her eyes gleamed with a feverish light, hunger surging through a body wracked with pain. Dusk always brought with it a sense of fear and exhilaration. She had elevated the hunter’s art of stalking to new levels. Velvet padded feet flew soundlessly over stone and grass. Reddened lips parted to reveal pearlescent teeth, aching to tear and mark. Why suffer such madness just to satisfy this deep hunger? With sinuous movements her body clung to the rock face, eyes closed she worshipped wind and rain. A deep growl rose up from a chest bursting with fire. Getting nearer, getting nearer, she whispered.

The stone building rose out of the dusk, filled with voices and light. Her hunger welled up from the aromas assailing her senses as she hesitated in front of the large oak door. She drew her talons gently over the intricate pattern of the metalwork on the door; which suddenly opened letting out a stream of laughter and food smells. She crossed over the threshold and walked up to the bar. “Is the steak meal still on?” she asked in husky tones, “I’ve heard it’s the best for miles”. Her order was taken and when the waitress asked how she liked her steak cooked, she replied “Very rare, almost bloody”. The other patrons in the restaurant turned round and gave her a knowing look. Crimson eyes glinted wickedly in the candle lit gloom.


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    Just like that – love it!

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    Jan’s response to #NoirWednesday …


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