The Best Seat in the House


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This is the view from the best seat in the house, otherwise known as the kitchen. A place which has seen me toil over a laptop over the years, feverishly at times to weave magic with words. Did I ever succeed? Yes and No. The view changes with each season. The rose bushes, sage, rugosa, aubrieta and bay grace us with their beauty year after year. The elementals and Fey have perhaps blessed this little part of North Wales. I hope so. Obviously we’ve had a part in looking after the garden, including landscaping and planting over a six year period. When we bought the house the garden was overgrown and consisted of what seemed like a multitude of walls in need of repointing. We’re now reaping the benefits but it was damn hard work. Still is. The plants in the garden are allowed to grow without much interference apart from spraying the roses (sorry!) to deal with greenfly infestations. Don’t laugh, I tend to wander round the garden like an anxious parent checking all is well, telling the plants how much I care about them. Nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t see myself as being separate from the natural world. It sustains and heals me. 

Growing up in London I was lucky enough to live in areas blessed with parks and trees. They enhanced the experience of growing up and living in an urban environment. As an adult I travelled to work on public transport, on the underground system and buses. Many a time I used to stand at bus stops day dreaming about the total greening of the city; envisioning trees breaking through the tarmac of the roads and reaching for the skies. Our buildings of glass, brick and concrete vanishing over time to be replaced by dwellings which sat naturally within the landscape. Cities can be exciting and vibrant places to live and work in, but over time the experience becomes draining. The wild places of my inner world called out to me and I had to finally answer. Many people dream of ‘escaping’ the urban environment and starting afresh in the countryside. Some even going as far as seeking out remote areas to make a home in.


Copyright Jan Malique

The energies over the last few months have been rather chaotic, certainly in my own life. It’s been difficult at times to remain balanced and hold on to a sense of self. One could speculate that Setian energies have been unleashed to clear the ossified and unwanted aspects of life and reality. Set hasn’t been treated kindly over the millenia. It seems most of the PR has been vitriol filled.  Brings to mind the fallout over the EU Referendum result in the UK, which will have repercussions for quite some time. It’s divided the country in ways that couldn’t have been predicted. You may consider it strange to link the two, crass even. Understanding, tolerance and a cool head are needed now. That’s all I’m saying on that issue. As for the undercurrents going through my own life, still can’t see the horizon. Perhaps greater confidence is needed on my part, there are positives but I can’t see them yet. Work related studies are almost at an end and are on track. Exploration of paths mystical and magical are ongoing. It’s a difficult task trying to balance the mundane and spiritual lives. The reasons being? Once I made the decision to walk on the Path (of mysticism/gnosis) my life had changed irreversibly. Many vows have been made, not always faithfully kept. It’s been like ‘walking through treacle’ sometimes. Well, a lot of the time. I’m reminded of the vows taken by the Templar Knights, of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. They need revisiting.


Copyright Jan Malique

As for His Nibs. I’m carrying out my duties to him in less obvious ways these days, by offering face to face support to bereaved individuals. In a volunteer capacity that is. Not an easy undertaking by any means, especially as I’d lost my father a couple of years ago. My insights of the personal loss may be of help to the clients, that’s the hope. Loss of any kind can have a huge impact upon an individual and the healing process can take time. We’re transformed in subtle and not so subtle ways. Even now as this sentence is being written, I can sense the stirrings of my own psyche. Shifting slowly in the chrysalis, biding its time until the transformation is complete – undergoing regeneration. My patience wears thin at times waiting for the breakthrough. Saying that, the joy of the scene outside the kitchen window is uplifting. The roses are yellow, in alchemical terms the rose is considered to be a symbol of attainment, completion and perfection. There is so much more but I don’t want to bore you.  Our roses are scented and what is a rose without perfume? It’s a plant long associated with love and beauty. Qualities that enrich our lives and give solace to the heart. A must for the storyteller and poet surely?




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