My Characters Aren’t Really Me

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It’s been a year now since this blog tottered into life, developing nicely into a something slightly eccentric and surreal. Or so I’m hoping. My offerings haven’t always achieved their objective and ended up gasping like fish on dry land. Not a nice picture eh? “A wandering mystic” is how I identify myself in this project, although occasionally sedentary may be more accurate! We shouldn’t hold fast to definitions and labels as they’re inclined to distort our vision of truth. The lines become blurred after a while and we find ourselves peering through veil upon veil shrouding reality. It’s then a symbolic language comes into effect, weaving its magic through our lives and works.

My life experiences have coloured the writing to an extent, that’s inevitable but a strong streak of fantasy also runs through it. The posts are storytelling in its many guises, populated by characters real and unreal. Not everyone though takes to my brand of exploration, of the self, the Universe, the Shadow side of our personalities. That’s fine with me. The characters aren’t really me and shouldn’t come with a health warning (wink, wink). They’re symbols. I am who I am and like it. The Sufis had much to say about symbols, in particular Khwaja Pulad of Erivan:


 Man is a symbol. So is an object, or a drawing. Penetrate beneath the outward message of the symbol, or you will put yourself to sleep. Within the symbol there is a design which moves. Get to this design. In order to do this, you need a Guide. But before he can help you, you must be prepared by exercising honesty towards the object of your search. If you seek truth and knowledge, you will gain it. If you seek something for yourself alone, you may gain it, and lose all higher possibilities for yourself.

There’s much to be made of exercising honesty, towards anything. As for the Guide, a certain White Rabbit has woven his way through tale after tale. Trickster, Master, Teacher. He who watches and enables us to become who we’re meant to be. The process is never easy. The journey is never easy. This may be the case but our protagonist always engages with it heart and soul, consciously or not. Alice in Wonderland has much to commend it folks. As do the archetypal figures populating the vast landscapes of our inner worlds. Their ancient voices revivifying our sleeping souls. Animal headed gods, shamans, priests, priestesses, Sufi mystics, alchemists. All have a place within our journeys of transformation. These journeys can be read on many levels, exoteric, esoteric, fiction. “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.”   Exactly.


Admittedly the stories can ramble down some odd paths but that’s part of the fun. The storyteller dons many masks in the recounting of their tales, appearing at times comical and frightening. Disembodied voices issue from their mouths, eerie and evocative. Are these masks being used for ritual purposes, entertainment, disguise or protection? A question to be considered as it has great bearing upon the action. Masks are enablers, connection with the Other, Unknown aspects of our souls. They act as channels through which our ancestors, totems and gods communicate with us and our audience. Masks can be quite useful don’t you think?