Is the Mask Cracking?


How many masks do we own? Things of mystery, deception and sadness.The mask reached for automatically before we face others, before we face ourselves, before we face the world. Who and what do we hope to become? The drama of our existence has a purpose, either transformation or annihilation of the spirit. How removed from reality that sounds, yet what is reality? Our masks conceal what is beneath and hint at untold stories. They hint at changes, those we willingly undergo and those we are unable to avoid. J E Cirlot comments that this “secrecy tends towards transfiguration: it helps what-one-is to become what-one-would-like-to be; and this is what constitutes its magic character.”

The god within takes human form and pronounces forth through the mask; sightless eyes blazing into life. Ritual drama enacted age after age, masked dances bringing forth messages from the other worlds. Masks to be worn and not held as trophies on our walls. Have we forgotten the divinity within?


Dare we relinquish the masks that hold us back? In place too long and they become enmeshed in our lives, possessive and unyielding. Do we fear nothingness if they vanish, crumble into dust. That is a question we must ask ourselves. Search our hearts for truth and illumination. What is our pretense for, protection, acceptance? In a world such as ours masks are necessary but not all. I ask you, is the mask cracking?


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