Post Missing in Action


Technology and internet connections can be a pain when not working properly. I posted a short piece a couple of hours ago about the Blackbird, messenger from the Otherworld. Nothing strange in that, I composed it with honesty about my situation. Ill in bed with a particularly nasty and uppity cold. On the road to recovery now. Writing has helped in the healing process. Checked a few minutes ago to make an amendment and found the post was only clothed in the title. Eek! Are the powers to be telling me something? A blackbird has been visiting our garden for the past few weeks. A messenger from the Otherworld, allied with blacksmiths and entitled Black Druid. Keeper of secrets. What message was being conveyed to me? Well, in my original post I mulled over this mystery. Then it vanished from sight, disappearing into the virtual universe. Missing in action was my offering. Perhaps only meant for certain eyes. I can feel the presence of the messenger though. His wings enfolding me, my eyes seeing through his. For my eyes only apparently.


Blackbird. Variously called: Druid-dhubh (Black Druid), Throstle Kokke, Druid, Ousel. Allied with Blacksmiths (magicians and alchemists). Associated with the goddess Rhiannon.