Time to Remember


“How long is forever?” I’ve asked that question over and over again. Only to get a different answer each time. Where are you leading me White Rabbit? The twists and turns you take through the forest and field make me dizzy. You weave your words of confusion and magic, leading me further into the rabbit hole. Leading me further into the Labyrinth. Ancient roots, ancient memories. Those I can see, those I can feel. I am ancestral blood. I am ancestral memory. Earth and Sky united.

“How long is forever?” Not long enough. Who will keep my memories once I’m am gone. You pull these questions out of me and I’m more than willing to let you. I remember a time White Rabbit when the world was young and our roots were strong. Now we are unravelling, bit by bit. What will be left when we have no more stories to weave? Existence disappears down the rabbit hole. We cease to be.

“How long is forever?” Trickster, you open the doors of perception so that we can live our truth. Yet we fear to tread over the threshold. Time, we fear Time. We live enmeshed within its web, willing prisoners. If we have time to fear, why not have time to remember?

“How long is forever?” As long as you want it to be. My words fall like shattered glass on the page, forming random patterns only you can understand. Do you see?