The White Rabbit’s Lair


I return once more to the surreal in the company of the infamous White Rabbit. My little sojourn in The Priesthood of Anubis was quite an indulgence it has to be said. The need for introspection creeps up at odd moments in life and what entails leaves me slightly breathless and a little puzzled. If you’ll pardon the expression, I felt the need to ‘come of the closet’ regarding my spiritual activities. I am what I am, a dedicated follower of all things esoteric, surreal, nonsensical and occasionally rubbish. I was a studious and rather quiet child whose head was filled with thoughts of ancient civilisations  (my greatest desire was to be an explorer). I suppose as an adult that desire has been fulfilled in part, my explorations take place in the hinterland of the inner self now.  Oh dear, it does sound a little pretentious! Please look past that and see me for who I am. Not that it matters, I’m not one of those individuals who craves acceptance and validation from sources that care not a jot for me.  Many people spend most of their lives exhibiting either mild or intense self-loathing, trying to squeeze themselves into a mould just to fit in. Why do we do such things to ourselves? There may be very good reasons for doing such things, but remember we have wings and can fly away anytime we want.

Rather a strange comment to make admittedly. It may help if we briefly cast our eyes over the symbolism of wings:

– they are a symbol of the soul’s journey to transcend the human condition.
– they signify freedom, spirituality, thought, intelligence, spiritual evolution.

Why keep your eyes downcast when you can look at the beauty of the skies and stars? Myth and legend have been witness to tales of winged beings interacting with humanity, angels, winged horses, kerubs. Intriguing don’t you think?

As for the presence of the White Rabbit, he is a veritable library of wisdom, nonsense and truths. Or so he likes to tell me. Always wondered what they were drinking at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Time, he was chasing time. Time has no boundaries, has no limits, it embraces us in its delusions and weaves dreams around us. We attempt to capture it in our time pieces but it refuses to be bound, imprisoned. We chase after youth and perhaps on some level yearn for immortality.I’m not averse to the lure of creams and lotions promising petal soft skin and renewed youth. Why deny that. As for immortality, as Seekers of wisdom, self-knowledge and regeneration are we not journeying to that end? Not for selfish, mercenary reasons but for gnosis and awakening into a new state of eternal consciousness.


The White Rabbit nods in agreement. It seems I have managed to gain a glimpse of the truth behind the illusion. His fob watch melts and vanishes into thin air. In its place emerges a miniature universe. Stars are born and die in this nursery. We watch in silence, the twinkling points of light are reflected in our eyes. Puts everything into perspective. Is this what Alice was really privy to in her adventures in Wonderland? Time to go down that tunnel.

photo credit: Rabbit via photopin (license)

photo credit: White Rabbit via photopin (license)





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