Foxy Lady: ‘The Foliate Man’ Part Three

Truly a Foxy Lady.

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


(Thanks to Chris H for this photo of me in Foxy Lady Mode)

Sometimes, strange creatures are encountered at the crossroads of our lives…

Fox appears at dawn, pointing at potential danger on the snow-trembling lip of my cave’s wide mouth. Fresh fall of flakes whirl in forlorn whispers outside.

Huddled in my cocoon of warm pelts, I gaze in wonder at my unexpected visitor – and then laugh aloud: His coat, though winter-thin and showing the starkness of ribs, is the exact shade of my hair before The Enchantress wove me into her vengeful tapestry of dull white strands, hooped spine and endless bone pain.

The creature, though alert and watchful, does not, as I half-expected him to, turn bushy tail and flee upon sighting me – and this melts a tiny icicle in my heart. For I have become accustomed, over the past few years, to the…

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3 comments on “Foxy Lady: ‘The Foliate Man’ Part Three

  1. alienorajt says:

    Thanks you very much for this, Jan. xxx


    • janmalique says:

      Ali,both you and the Veiled One needed an outlet for your story. What resulted was passionate and melancholy. Deserves to be brought to the attention of many more people. xxx

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      • alienorajt says:

        Thank you, Jan. I hope loads of people read these posts – and all others written about the weekend – because the Silent Eye ‘Team’ do a brilliant job and deserve far greater publicity. xxx

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