Exit Lady Ragnell. Enter Ali Alone.. Foliate Man Part Five

Not The End…

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


Sometimes, life throws us all a curve-ball – and we have to accept the roller-coaster ride, with all its sickness (and exhilaration) which follows. If we are lucky (and I have been), we have companions and loved ones on the ride with us, people whose presence makes the jolting nature of the experience less ghastly. My curve-ball appeared at the end of a truly special weekend of Ritual Drama.

The letter was waiting for me when I returned from the delightful Foliate Man weekend. Having read it, I tried to put its full import on hold for as long as possible by allowing Lady Ragnell to stay, to tell more of her story than I had initially thought possible.

But my body reacted even as my typing fingers followed The Veiled One’s words and images. I am in a crisis of Stress-related physical symptoms – and feeling so desolate…

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  1. alienorajt says:

    Immensely touched by all your support on my posts, Jan. You are a star. xxx


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