I’m off to Mystics Anonymous, call you later


Here I am preparing for another journey into the unknown, taking a moment of rest to replenish the soul. I suspect my last foray into the heart of the Collective Unconscious was either mere illusion or a glimpse into a world behind a world. Talking in riddles again. It helps keep the mind agile, or so I like think!

Let me ask you a question, please humour me, there is a point to this. Have you ever had random encounters with strangers which have left you feeling the Universe is rather like a Russian doll? One hidden inside another, another and another, retreating into infinity. One such encounter occurred a few days ago. I was attending a course at work with other colleagues across our business, nothing unusual about either the course content or attendees. Until I was paired with one of the course facilitators in a communication exercise, the point being to express honestly what we felt about our hopes, loves and fears with another. The tone of the conversation veered into mystical waters, which resonated with both of us. A strange state of affairs and rather surprising. With apologies to Casablanca, “Of all the seminar rooms, in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into mine…”.

Such encounters have occurred throughout life, rare moments of illumination which have provoked questions about the meaning of existence and the Universe. The impulse to encounter the divine has remain unchanged from humanity’s earliest days, as has the urge to make a pilgrimage to a sacred site. Which brings me to the matter of that rare creature, the Mystic, walking the world in many guises and often unappreciated. I came across a definition in Charles Panati’s Sacred origins of profound things:

“A person who professes to undergo enigmatic experience, occult or parasensory, not always pleasant, often unpredictable, by which he or she intuitively comprehends truths that lie beyond ordinary human understanding. The moniker is from the Greek mystes, ‘one who is initiated’. Mystics have always been regarded with a certain degree of suspicion.”

Remember it is only a definition; fond as we are of labels the true mystic is so much more. “One who is initiated” – the mysteries enacted at the Sanctuary of Eleusis bear careful examination. This is only one small part of the picture though.

One aspect of the mystical journey involves the elimination of the egotistical parts of our selves. Which does not mean crushing the inner Self and suppressing the Personality/Ego, just not allowing the arrogance of our perceptions and misconceptions of individuality to overshadow our lives. True individuality is about having a profound awareness of where we stand in Nature and living our lives accordingly. Quite profound and an ideal which has been the start of numerous journeys of transformation and self-knowledge throughout the ages.


Jalaludin Rumi offered us wise words on the nature of reality which are still pertinent in this modern age, which I offer to you:

True Reality

“Of this there is no academic proof in the world. For it is hidden, and hidden, and hidden”.

May you pierce the veil obscuring your vision of the world dear reader and have a bright day.

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