Garden of the Soul


Gardens have been likened to Paradise and not without reason. They offer us sanctuary in a world often stress inducing and harsh, providing a balm to the heart and mind when nothing else appears to work. Their beauty infuses the spirit with life giving waters, which we drink thirstily. I had always dreamt of having a garden, no matter how small the patch and now the dream was made reality. It took us four years of hard work, expense, landscaping and planting to create a sanctuary. Year after year I gazed at our collaboration with Nature and marvelled at the sight that lay before me. The plants were allowed to grow as they wished and they bloomed. How they bloomed! Voluptuous and clothed in shimmering hues they enfolded me in a gentle embrace. You may think my reaction a little excessive perhaps, but I had been walking around in a state of unawareness for months. Until one day in May the sleeper awoke.

It appears that our inner selves remain in a state of dormancy like the natural world as it waits for the kiss of Spring. The seeds, which are, planted deep within the soil of our Soul dream silently. As we do. Irina Tweedie made an important point about dreams being a message from our unconscious, of providing guidance on how to live in the mundane and spiritual worlds. So true and pertinent if we are to realise the potential of our true Self in this world. The soil of the Soul then must be harvested and its bounty brought through into our waking state. The brief moments of wakefulness increase until our vision clears and we gaze in wonder at the new world around us. Such was that day in May when I decided to walk round the garden. The wild and wonderful places of my heart responded to the songs Nature’s children sang. A blessing in many respects.



I walked up the steps to the second level of the garden and peered down at foxgloves and rugosa, which stood proud of phlox tumbling down the bank, behind them, was a green carpet of thyme, such delicate aromatic jewels. Gazing down the garden I spied a multitude of alpine plants hugging the limestone rock face near the house. They displayed strength, beauty and tenacity any warrior would have been proud of. Everywhere I looked there were surprises galore, hidden in long grass, tumbling over walls, hugging steep banks. Made me realise how inattentive I could be, blind to my surroundings until jolted into wakefulness.

It is at such times that we are enveloped in a luminosity that is indescribable. “As above, So Below”. Our consciousness expands beyond the boundaries of flesh and unites with a Greater Consciousness. This communion with Nature can be a deeply spiritual and illuminating experience, without the need for verbal communication.  Just enter the silence within and listen.